In computer programming, the act of swapping of two variables refers to mutually exchanging the values of the variables.


follow link Step 1: START. Step 2: Declare a, b, temp. Step 3:Copy value of a to temp.

go here Step 4: Copy value of b to a.

go site Step 5: Copy value of temp to b.

binäre option forum Step 6: STOP.

Source code:




How To Get Viagra Prescription in Grand Rapids Michigan In the above program, after user entering the two variables, the value of first variable is assigned to temporary variable. the value of second variable is assigned to the first variable. the value of temporary variable is assigned to second variable.



C:\Users\santo\Desktop\new>java Swap

*** ***

<< JAVA Program to Swap Two Integers  >>

Enter first number to swap:


Enter second number to swap:


Values before swap are num1 = 8 num2 = 9

Values After swap are num1 = 9 num2 = 8

Screenshot of output:

Screenshot of output

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