In this article we will see a example for extracting / reading / accessing the emails from MS Outlook using C#.Net. We will see a sample application, which read mail from outlook and display its contents in our application. The screenshot of sample application is shown below Before starting the coding,… Continue Reading Reading emails from MS Outlook using C#.Net

Author : Rajesh Description: In this article we will see a simple example to interchange the items between two list boxes. The screenshot of the application is shown in the image below. The C# code in the code behind file is like this using System; using System.Windows.Forms; namespace ListBox {     public partial class From_listbox : Form     {         public From_listbox()… Continue Reading Moving Items between Two List Boxes in windows C#

In this article we will see how to compile a C Program with Visual Studio Command Prompt. Here i am using Visual studio 2010. For opening Visual Studio command prompt, All Programs -> Microsoft visual Studio 2010 -> Visual Studio Tools -> Visual Studio command prompt   After opening command… Continue Reading Compiling a C program with Visual Studio Command Prompt

While working  VB.Net application(added COM DLL’s references) on 64-bit Windows7 system , i came across a runtime exception like Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {632F4591-AA62-4219-8FB6-22BCF5F60090} failed due to the following error: 80040154. How i handled this error: -> I just removed the References and added once again.… Continue Reading COM Exception, failed due to the following error: 80040154.

In this article we will see an example of sending SMS from our winforms C#.Net or VB.Net desktop Application using HTTP API  and tracking the status of SMS . Below is the screen shot of Application In this example i have used the HTTP API of . In order… Continue Reading Sending SMS using HTTP API in C#.Net / VB.Net Winforms Application

Creating Add-on File for SAP B1 Creating an Add-On Registration Data (ARD) file in SAP B1 This article guides you the process of creating or building an Add-on Registration Data file using B1DE. The extension of Add-on Registration Data is .ard. Even if your add-on developed using C#.Net or VB.Net, the .ard file… Continue Reading Add-on Registration Data (.ARD) FILE CREATION PROCESS THROUGH B1DE – SAP BUSINESS ONE(SAP B1)

In this article we will see a small example of using constants in . constants are declared with a keyword const . Example :      ConstPI As Double = 3.14    ConstmyStr As String= “*** ***”   The program below is to find the area and perimeter of… Continue Reading Declaring constants in VB.Net